Sango is a must watch movie —Joshua Ojo

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Joshua Ojo is the CEO of Davinci Effects, one of Nigeria’s most hardworking and successful movie producers. He spoke with  National Daily newspaper’s  Esther Egbe recently about his new movie.

Nollywood audience have been accustomed to soap opera, and others genres  that basically resonate with now. Historical or futuristic works are far and in between to determine how your viewers will respond to classic like Sango. So how do you hope to capture the  market and recover your expenses?

Well, its personal really. But I’ve done my homework properly.And I’m sure the audience be it young and old will love the film when it hits the cinemas. I intend to entertain and educate them. Its a movie they will love to see over and over again.

How is Sango different from your last epic Suzanne Wenger?

Sango is a story of a deity while Suzanne Wenger was based on an Osun priestess. They are both different and unique stories.

This is another movie about the heroics of the Yoruba deity. What sets yours apart from others’ Sangos?

A whole lot is yet to be told; hence its different from what others are cooking or that they have cooked be it animation or film. I’ve decided to go extra miles to tell the story. Its huge and its different.

How did you find the casting—difficult, easy or …?

Well it was really difficult to get the right actor to play the sango character. But it wasn’t difficult getting the rest of them at all.

Suzzane Wenger, Sango. You seem interested in historical and legendary  works. Why?

How do you want people to remember you? Our histories are unique and vast. No one is touching them. If we don’t tell our stories then who will? And that’s where DAVINCI FILMWORX comes in. Telling our unique stories.

Can you briefly highlight the movie: setting, plot, cast, theme?

I won’t because I want people to be desperate and anxious to see it. So I haven’t mentioned the cast yet. Regarding the plot, cast,theme I’m already giving out the story.

Every good filmmaker should have a selling point. I’ve got mine and I’m sorry I won’t share it right here. But trust me it something that will bring everyone out of their homes to watch the classic story

When  and where is the premiere coming up?

The premiere will be happening soon.

Is there any impact you intend to make with Sango. It could be social, political, historical, cultural or even commercial?

I intend to make the movie commercial that way both the young and old will get to know so much that was hidden and that is yet to be told about our deity.

Have you put in place safeguards against piracy, looking at the amount of resources you put into producing this?

Piracy is a huge problem in our society but we are working on that as well. We will try our best to avoid it