See 14 pieces of strange information that caused avoidable fears across the world in 21st century

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Several strange pieces of information had been disseminated in Nigeria, and other countries of the world, since the beginning of the 21st century that caused fear of human annihilation. The fears were unnecessary and the information, most of which emanated from, or were propagated by, governments, were spread in falsehood, without validity of the messages or consequences attached to them. The creative fears were also expanded across many countries of the world. Some were mere speculations while some others were deliberately propagated to create fear and compel citizens to accept government’s prescriptions as therapy or solutions to contain the claimed consequences or save the human race from total destruction from the surface of the earth. At the end, they turned out to be sheer fallacies while the government utilized such falsehood to condition citizens to conform to creative situations the government wanted people to be subjected to.

14 popular fear creating information since the 21st century are listed below:

2000 – Y2K is going to destroy everything

2001 – Anthrax is going to kill us all

2002 – West Nile virus is going to destroy human race

2003 – SARS spreads fast,  kills fast

2005 – Bird Flu is going to kill us all

2006 – Ecoli is going to kill us all

2008 – Financial collapse is going to destroy us all

2009 – Swine Flu is going to kill us all

2012 – The Mayan Calendar predicts the world ending

2013 – North Korea is going to cause World War III

2014 – Ebola virus is going to kill us all

2015- ISIS is going to destroy many nations and reduce world population

2016 – Zika Virus  is going to kill us all

2020 – Coronavirus has no cure, will destroy human race

Fortunately, none of these ever occurred the way they were presented to the human race. They have all come and gone; the human race remains. They existed temporarily as sheer propaganda but lost their mission. It’s time to switch off these fears and assert our human conscience to superior existence on earth.