Six secret codes that allows you to access hidden features on your phone

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You may not know this, but your android device has many useful features that can be accessed through secret codes. Some codes are unique to specific models, but others are more generic and can be used on almost any Android device.

These codes, which usually start with “*(hashtag),” have long been used on smartphones to gain access to interesting hidden apps and settings.

Here are six codes for your android device that you should know. Keep in mind that not all codes will work, and some will alter the functionality of your device.

Your smartphone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique number. If you want to unlock an Android to use a different network, you might be asked for this.

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To find your IMEI number, dial *(hashtag)06(hashtag) on your phone.

You should see the number on your screen.

You can get Google Play Services information or Firebase Cloud Messaging diagnostics by typing a code into your Android device.

Diagnostics allows you to look into the apps’ functionality to make sure they’re working properly. To use this feature, dial (hashtag)*(hashtag) 426 (hashtag)* (hashtag) into your dial pad.

The frustration of lagging WiFi is likely familiar to most people.

There’s a code for that. If you’re ever perplexed by your phone because you’re not sure whether the problem is with the service or with the WiFi, there’s a code for that.

To get some answers, type (hashtag)* (hashtag) 232339 (hashtag)* (hashtag)* (hashtag) into your Android device’s keypad.

While new phone technology is constantly being released, technology can also be used against you.

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If you need to turn off your device but your phone’s touchscreen is acting strangely or your  power-off button is jammed, there’s a code for that as well.

To turn off your device, dial *(hashtag)*(hashtag) 7594 (hashtag)*(hashtag)*.

If you don’t have an unlimited phone plan, making sure you don’t use up all of your data and SMS is critical.

Fortunately, Android devices have a code that allows them to quickly access that information; however, the code varies by carrier.

If you have Verizon as your carrier, you can check your usage by typing (hashtag) 3282.

To check your usage on T-Mobile devices, type in (hashtag) 932 (hashtag).

Finally, if you have a Sprint plan, dial *4 to check minutes, messages, and other usage statistics.

Your device may need to be rebooted from time to time for a variety of reasons.