Suspicion deepens over continuous coronavirus lockdown

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There appears to be deepening suspicion over the continuous extension of coronavirus lockdown in Nigeria on the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari and governors of some states. Many stakeholders in the country are of the view that lockdown has not reduced or stopped the spread of coronavirus in the country. However, some have stated that certain questions are still begging for answers by the federal government of Nigeria over the assumed fight against coronavirus. The questions were posed to include:

  1. How come every idea, discovery suggested or recommended as solution or remedy to corona virus is subjected to strict and rigorous scientific or medical scrutiny and certification/validation and often disapproved?
  1. Why is there much amplification and acceptance of every theory that highlights the dreadfulness and mortality of coronavirus?
  1. Why are there more infected persons during lockdown than when there was no lockdown?
  1. How about cases of people who maintained all the recommended safety measures but still got infected; how did they get it?
  1. Why are the NCDC, PTF or Ministry of Health not making the results of the tests known to the patients at the isolation centres and/or allow people conduct autopsy of their loved ones?
  1. Why do we prefer waiting for vaccines that are not ready yet than using available solutions such as chloroquine, et al?
  1. Why is it that everyone who asks question about coronavirus is tagged foolish or insulted heavily?
  1. Why does it look like the government is desperate to allot numbers to coronavirus cases just to hype its effect?
  1. Why is it that NCDC is suspicious and don’t believe any governor in Nigeria that said there is no coronavirus in the state?
  1. Why is there high-level secrecy about the treatment of Covid-19? Could it be that they want everyone to be in their records so as to meet the targeted number?
  1. What is the essence of the total lockdown when strict adherence to hygiene routines can stop infections?

There is also discontentment over silencing dissenting voices, many which come from professionals, on the internet; authorities only approving comments that favour their suspicious mission.

Some have declared that while trying to believe everything about coronavirus, it could be considered imperative to ask the question if Covid-19 is synonymous with Malaria.

There is, however, the feeling that people are already safe and should go back to normal life; the economy should be reopened, the lockdown should be brought to an end.