The dangers of using Agbo Jedi Jedi

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Agbo Jedi Jedi is usually sold in its crude and unprocessed form.

Jedi Jedi is called ‘the running’ in Ghana and has different connotations in other African countries.

The symptoms of Jedi Jedi are haemorrhoids which are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum, diarrhoea, and anal fissures, a tear in the anus when hard faeces pass through it.

Agbo Jedi Jedi is gotten from scented leaves, grapefruit, juice extracts, bitter leaf, sorghum leaves, naphthalene tablets, and garlic.

World Health Organization and even the Nigerian government encourage herbal mixtures to treat Jedi Jedi and other diseases.

However, the fact that certain ingredients used to manufacture drugs are natural does not guarantee their safety for use.

Most of the time, Agbo Jedi Jedi is hawked in its crude and unprocessed form on the streets or sold in the market.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has encouraged that these drugs should be sold in refined, processed packages.

They are encouraged to list the constituents of these drugs so that the public can be informed about what they are taking in.

These Agbo Jedi Jedi bought on the streets are unsafe. They do not have NAFDAC numbers and are sold in their raw and unprocessed forms.

Some studies have associated acute renal failure (kidney failure) and liver failure with the use of Agbo Jedi Jedi and traditional medicine.

Sometimes Agbo Jedi Jedi is adulterated with heavy toxic metals, orthodox or pharmaceutical drugs and contaminated with microbes.

Another issue is the lack of appropriate doses and dosages, so a person does not know when they have taken an overdose.

It has proven to be harmful for pregnant women and they must at all cost avoid it.

One must be careful with its use, despite how older family members seem to encourage it.