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UK suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine on Children as regulators investigate blood clots side effects



Nurse dies 24 hours after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine
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The United Kingdom has suspended the trial of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine on children as regulators investigate its possible side effect of blood clots. The Oxford University that assisted in developing the coronavirus vaccine disclosing the suspension on Tuesday, declared: “whilst there are no safety concerns in the paediatric clinical trial, we await additional information from the MHRA (UK regulator) on its review of rare cases of thrombosis/thrombocytopaenia that have been reported in adults, before giving any further vaccinations in the trial.”

The Oxford University had maintained in a statement: “parents and children should continue to attend all scheduled visits and can contact the trial sites if they have any questions.”

It was disclosed that Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is among the many bodies across the globe analysing real world data from the AstraZeneca rollout to ascertain whether there is a definitive link between the jab and a rare form of blood clot, after cases were initially reported in Norway and continental Europe.

There are expectations that the WHO and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will disclose their findings this week.

The MHRA was gathered to have revealed at the weekend that there had been 30 blood clotting cases, seven fatal, out of the 18 million doses administered in Britain.

The European Medicines Agency had on Tuesday revealed that the agency “has not yet reached a conclusion and the review is currently ongoing”.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government is imposing the controversial vaccine on citizens.