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Vocabulary-based reading: Learning more words for life 



Vocabulary-based reading: Learning  more words for life 
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If you’re an avid reader, you must have come across unfamiliar words while reading. Those words that may disrupt your reading flow, creating a slight discomfort making you spend more time than expected in your newfound horizon. It happens, as there’s a lot of literature out there, some easy to understand, while others are complex in their flow, narration, and unconventional approach. Literature, like music, speaks to us in different ways, addresses multiple topics, emotions, and personal experiences. That’s why some writers are intentionally complex with their use of vocabulary and phrases to cater to the needs of readers who love deep literature and the beauty of wordplay.

However, if you’re struggling to read through difficult literature, you can develop your vocabulary-based reading skills. It’s the practice of reading and intentionally noting down unfamiliar words or phrases that you come across while reading. Developing this skill would help widen your word bank and make reading even more enjoyable.

Here are some steps to get you started: 

  • Underline unfamiliar words and phrases with a pencil or felt pen.
  • Look up those words immediately or keep a word list that you can conveniently go back to after each chapter.
  • Take each word or phrase within context and closely examine how they can be used in everyday sentences. Pay attention to their pronunciation as well.
  • Mutter the words over and over again so your brain gets used to them.
  • Revisit your notes on unfamiliar words at the end of each chapter to ensure a proper flow.

By following these steps, you’d develop the ability to recognize, understand and use new words and phrases in your oral and written communication. You’ll be surprised how much richer your vocabulary becomes. Moreover, you’ll pay more attention to the book in focus, easily remember the major themes, and read more books because there’s a new goal on the block.

So, if you’re looking to expand your vocabulary and enhance your reading experience, give vocabulary-based reading a try.


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