Why Cattle Breeders Association believed in Tinubu’s presidency despite not being a Northerner

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According to a report by National Daily, The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN, has said Bola Tinubu, a 2023 presidential aspirant, would improve the welfare of its members if he becomes president in 2023. MACBAN remarked while recounting how Tinubu intervened in their crisis in Benue State when he was the governor of Lagos State.

This is a statement of fact! Tinubu will ensure you do your business legitimately and peacefully across the nation just like other businesses, whether spare parts, aviation, farming, entertainment, and other businesses. There will be peaceful coexistence among ethnic and religious groups and only the violators of the law will be sanctioned.

The truth is that Tinubu is unashamedly the most suitable to be the next President of Nigeria. Anyone against his candidacy is doing so not because of the love for Nigeria but mere hatred, jealousy, and witchcraft. Tinubu is a political wizard, an economic maestro, and a resourceful leader that would put a square peg in a square hole.

If there was a Tinubu in the South-south and South East, we wouldn’t be where we are today with unpaid salaries and gratuities, consulting clinics as hospitals and schools where the children of politicians wouldn’t attend, roads as death traps.

Although, if APC zone the presidential ticket to the south say Tinubu or Umahi (or any other southerner that pops up), and Atiku gets the PDP ticket then we are going to see a Goodluck Jonathan all over again. Northerners haven’t been voting Atiku because they had better options, but not this time, if you think northerners are going to vote Tinubu or Umahi over Atiku, with all the bad blood that has gone on between the south and north this past few years then maybe you are politically naive.

Remember APC is a merger between CPC and AC. CPC is a northern party (owned by Buhari)and AC is West. Northern governors in APC are loyal to Buhari, not Tinubu. As soon as Atiku clinches the PDP ticket and Tinubu wins the APC ticket, there would be a mass decamp from APC to PDP. Because Atiku would win in the north, PDP has never lost a presidential election in the Southeast and south-south region before, and this one won’t be different. Tinubu would win in the southwest for sure, but it won’t mean anything. The only way Tinubu stands a chance is if PDP zones their ticket to the south, which is looking unlikely by the day