Why PSquare’s Rudeboy married Anita 

Recently, after the PSquare split, one of the twins, Paul Okoye released a song titled ‘Take it’, the song has been number one on YouTube for the one t few days. However, in this article, I want to share the touching story of how Rudeboy met the love of his life, Anita.
Rudeboy has a very good eye for a beautiful flower that he decided to pluck one at the backyard of an Igbo man.
It was when the hustle was still hard then that Rudeboy(Paul Okoye) of PSquare saw this beautiful Igbo lady and became attracted to her. As a man, you know, Paul approached her that he loves her and will like to have her as his second.
As at the time they met at the University of Abuja, Anita was a Fresher on campus while Paul was already a senior.
As at then, they both started as friends. She was 16 years old so Paul couldn’t start anything like a relationship with her yet. So he had to wait until she became 18, then they started dating officially.
According to information gathered, Anita happened to be Paul’s first love and I think the same might just apply to Anita too.
It was never easy for the Okoye’s son at first as the day he visited Anita for the first time, she didn’t allow him in into their house.
Rudeboy didn’t let that stop him from putting his full effort to get the woman he truly loves. So he went back to rebrand his chasing skills.
He got her a valentine gift then which was a movie starring Genevieve Nnaji because she was a very good fan of Genevieve.
The two continued to love each other so much until one day Paul took her to a Jewellery store and ask Anita to pick one of the diamond rings she wishes to have.
There were 10 rings before her, she picked one, only for Paul to go on his knees to tell her ‘will you marry me?’ Anita was filled with awe as she screamed ‘YES!’.
They went further to make their marriage official by their traditional wedding which took place in 2014. They also went further to make their marriage legal before the court of law.
Today they are happily married with happy kids as displayed in the image below.