APC and economic sabotage against PDP states

By Emmanuel Nicholas
A treacherous economic reform deters growth, so  malicious political policies causes   instability and  perpetuates economic uncertainties.
The   current economic cum political manipulation by the All Progressives Congress led Federal Government to deprive the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led States of their due funds, is a bid  to slow down the pace of development in those regions  and crash the economic  growth  of those States.
The APC led government is trying to use deprivation of funds to these  States in order to make the populace not to see PDP Governors as  performing Governments across the Country ,hence, using it as a propaganda against these State in 2019 .
This economic manipulation is also borne out of great shame and disgrace that is tralling their States. There is no APC led State that is currently performing well, compared to their counterparts in the Peoples Democratic Party led States  .
A look at States that owe Salaries  and are indebted to their workers , shows APC’s none performace and lack of transparency in their Government .
 Kogi State is owing as many as 15 months. Others heavily indebted stats are Osun, 12 months; Kwara, 11;   Plateatue 7; Ondo, 7;  Boronu, 6; and Oyo, 6. Others are Benue State, 4 months; Nasarawa State, 2;  Edo , 2; Imo, 7; as well as several months of unpaid allowances and Ogun State, which owes over six months of unremitted deductions from workers’ salaries for cooperatives, union dues, among others.
Another  look at the debt management office shows that almost all PDP led Governments  have paid their workers up to date, including other  allowances .
Apart from the payment of Salaries , Peoples  Democratic Party  are also leading in developmental  indices.  Let me attempt to use road  construction and industrialization as a typical example of these indices . in the last two years Rivers State have constructed 922 kilometers , Delta State 755 kilometer , Akwa Ibom 1,202 kilometers of Road , Abia 465 kilometers of Road ,Enugu 677 kilometers among others . And  APC State can boast of 200km .
In the last African News Magazine , the editorial team evaluated the growth indices of Nigeria and Akwa Ibom  , Rivers and Delta State was leading the park  apart from Lagos State which was the only APC mentioned .
In the past two years , industrialization revolution is also led by Peoples Democratic Party’s Governors. In this sector Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State is leading .With the revival of  Peacock paint industry two years ago , establishment of Pencil and tooth Pick factory, even when the APC  Government is planning to start production  of these products in 2020 , a State controlled by the largest Political Party in Nigeria is already producing Tooth Pick and Pencil .
The Akwa Ibom State Governor has also broken more new grounds , as the State has  partnered with the Private Sector to build Metering solution factory and  Jubilee Syringe factory .
On his first official assignment in Akwa Ibom State , Prof Yemi Osibanjo  made a pronouncement  that marveled many in the opposition flank,  who never expected such commendation from  an All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftain to a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governor .As part of activities to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the states creation, a 400 million capacity a year, Syringe manufacturing company was to be commissioned by Vice President Yemi Osibanjo.
The Vice President who was perceptibly overjoyed with Governor Udom Emmanuel for his sagacity in drawing such economically viable project, said “you are one of the cleverest people I’ve ever come across.”He described the syringe factory as a revolutionary project, not just for the State, but   Africa  , adding that, “it is a game changer for the Nigeria ,” as it marked local production of all syringes in the country and  applauded  the Governor for his novelty and inventiveness.
The progress report of all the PDP  States in Nigeria may have angered the APC led Government ,who over the last two years have tried so hard to destroy the image of Peoples Democratic Party before the public without success . Why they can’t succeed is because of the uncommon performance of PDP States and transparency in the appropriation of the funds in their possession.
In case you are not aware, by Nigeria’s revenue  sharing formula, the Federal Government   of APC gets 56 percent of all of the country’s  revenues. By implication, the fund available to the Federal Government is more than that of all the 36 States and the 774 Local Government Areas combined.
The question that comes to mind is, what is the Federal Government doing with its huge financial base? There are no ongoing meaningful projects anywhere in the country. Ogoni clean up almost three years after flag-off is still pending , Calabar-Itu Road, two years after funds was  released is still pending , second  Niger Bridge that APC led Government said they have released over 2 billion dollars to the contractors still remains where President Goodluck Jonathan’s Government Stopped.
 We merely hear of approvals with nothing on ground to show. The most ugly aspect is that we have sneaked into an era where it is fashionable  for the Federal Government  to undo opposition  states, sponsor campaigns of calumny against them and generate political and economic tensions within their  precincts.
Look at the last three months,allocation, Akwa Ibom State is highest contributor to nation’s wealth but came second in the sharing formula. This is a clear case of economic sabotage against a State, which is second to lagos in attraction of foreign investment and first in economic growth in the last  two years .
It laughable that the Federal Government budgeted a Paltry 1billion naira  to Ibom deep  Sea Port Project , yet the project is suffering from Economic and political sabotage, even with the 1 billion that was appropriated nothing has been done to commence the construction. While the State Government has commenced a multi-Billion naira 12 lanes  ,55.3km   superhighway access road   to the  Deep Sea Port .
Since May 29, 2015, this administration of change(as claimed) has turned into an administration of blame. They blamed  PDP for all that happened during their government and also blame  PDP for all that is happening now that they  have  left power. They blamed poor oil price for their failure to come up with and implement sound monetary and fiscal policies for the economy. Now, the oil prices are up , their polices are still poor  . Instead of the APC government to concentrate and implement good polices like the PDP Governor’s, they are looking for ways to truncate the successes of PDP States.  Surely, they will fail .

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