Nigerian army arrest Boko Haram with 80 bags of poisoned fish

Not done with violent attacks on hard and soft targets, Boko Haram insurgents have perfected another strategy to harvest more deaths in the North-East by poisoning fish intended to be sold to the public.

It was also uncovered that the insurgents’ intention was to use biological weapons to cause more deaths.

However, the intensification of attacks at the sects’ location led to the arrested of 11 insurgents who planned to attack unsuspected members of the public in the North-west.

Captain Eze Ikechikwu, the spokesperson of the brigade deployed on Operation Salama said in Jigawa state that the insurgents were captured in Baga, Borno state.

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He further disclosed that the poisoned food were destroyed while the arrested terrorists are being questioned in an undisclosed military location.

Ikechikwu said that 80 bags of assorted poisoned fish were seized in Hadeja local
government area of Jigawa state with intent to sell it to unsuspected members of the
public in the North West region.

Recovered from the terrorists were N80,000 and 11 mobile phones.

Appealing to Nigerians to be vigilant on most of the frozen fish they buy from their respective markets to avoid being victims of the sect’s innovative biological weapons, the army reiterated its commitment to obliterating terrorists from the country.