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5 Common symptoms of kidney stones



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Kidney stones is a collection of hard minerals and acid salt deposits that form in the kidney.

The deposit is passed out of the body through concentrated urine. This process is usually painless if the grains are small and extremely painful if they are big. The size of kidney stones can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a golf ball.

A large kidney stone may get trapped in the urethra which can prevent urine from passing down from the kidney to the bladder. This blockage may cause bleeding and severe pain when urinating. If this happens surgery may be required. Some symptoms of the disease include;

Severe pain in the stomach or side

Kidney stone pain(renal colic) is a severe pain that has been likened to childbirth and getting stabbed. This pain occurs when a stone moves from the kidney to the narrow urethra causing a blockage that makes pressure build up in the kidney sending pain signals to the brain.

These pain signals are sent when the urethra contract in an attempt to push the Stones out. This pain can be felt at the back, sides and below the ribcage. This may also be felt in the stomach and brain as the stones move to the urinary tract.

Pain during urination

Having sharp burning pain when urinating can be an indication of kidney stone infection. This occurs when the stone is at the junction between the urethra and the bladder. In some cases, the pain might be mistaken for a urinary tract infection.

Blood in urine

Blood in the urine is a common symptom of kidney stones. This is when traces of blood or blood cells are found in the urine. The blood cells can be too small to see without a microscope.

Smelly urine

If your urine has a more concentrated or foul odour than usual, that could be a sign of an infection in your kidney or another part of the urinary tract. The smell can be a result of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Irregular flow of urine


If you have a blockage in your urethra you may experience a painful and irregular flow of urine. This could be a result of kidney stones that are stuck in the urethra. It can entirely stop the flow of urine if not attended to

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