6 Countries to travel to and get work permit easily for Nigerians

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Let us face it. Nigerian universities are graduating more and more students without the economic ability to cater for them in terms of jobs.

This has led to a glut in labor and a scarcity in jobs. As such, many people are now considering moving to other climes in order to search for succor.

While this is not a bad thing in itself, the sad part of the matter is that many Nigerians just go ahead to find jobs without the necessary skills required and do it in the name of “searching for greener pastures”.

They also don’t more importantly know which countries to search for jobs in and how to get their work permits without stress.

This has given rise to the use of fraudulent agents who make money at every opportunity and give our people jobs that they are over qualified for.

In order to avoid this, you have to make sure that you use the knowledge afforded you by use of the internet to search out the immigration processes and procedures of the country you intend going to before you even apply for the job.

That way, you will know if the country is Nigerian friendly or not. However to ease your stress, the following list serves as a guide for the kinds of countries that give work permits easily to Nigerians:

1. Canada

This is one of the easiest places to get work permits. The only thing here however is to follow the system that has been put in place by the Canadian government.

Most of the Canadian skilled workers program with the exception of the region of Quebec are similar. In fact, the federal program for skilled workers assessment and immigration can indeed be completed without any help from any agent or middleman.

It is just that Nigerians as a whole always feel better when somebody wants to assist them and make them to part with money when something can be done with ordinary COMMON SENSE.

2. Australia

Being a member of the British Commonwealth and one of the few English speaking countries in Asia, Australia also has a relatively unbiased system when it comes to migration.

The only thing here however is that you must FOLLOW the rules otherwise it won’t count at the end of the day. Their skilled and unskilled worker migration program is very simple to adhere to but again Nigerians who don’t like to read allow others to do the reading for them which further complicates things from the get go.

That being said, Australia is a great place for Nigerian migrants who contribute in their own way to the local economy. And being an English speaking country also makes it quite easy for integration once you’ve landed.

3. United Arab Emirates

Many things have been said about the difficulty of getting a work visa in this tiny but prosperous nation. The truth is that you can do everything from your bedroom without having to step out of the front door when applying for work here.

The truth is that the only things you may have to stress yourself to get would be the attestations from the ministry of education of your certificates and transcripts.

However apart from that, the United Arab Emirates is a very accommodating place for Nigerians who wish to work there. Note that residency is usually for three years and after that it is subject to renewal.

If you have a skill that is needed by the companies there, you can apply for work from the comfort of your home. You’re entitled to thirty days leave every year and one plane ticket to and from the United Arab Emirates.

Your working ours are also stipulated by contract and you also stand the chance to improve yourself as the country is a forward looking one. You can use your work experience here to get employment ANYWHERE else.

4. Republic of Ireland

This country offers excellent study and work opportunity for anyone who truly wishes to reap the benefits of staying in the European Union and after five years of residency, you’re eligible for citizenship.

This country is English speaking and if you’re able to get employment with any company there, then you can get into the system.

It is even getting better for prospective applicants due to the fact that Britain is leaving the European Union (that is Brexit).

As such, majority of the international businesses and conglomerates are already rushing to Ireland to set up shop. This of course presents a unique opportunity for the smart Nigerian to be able to apply for and get a job with such organizations.

5. Germany

Germany is the strongest economy in the European Union. It is also one of the easiest places to visit apart from the shengen visa arrangements.

There are many things that a Nigerian can indeed apply for in terms of employment. The only thing you would have to consider when looking at a country like Germany is the fact that you do not speak their language.

That hurdle is easily rectifiable as learning German is very easy. You just have to concentrate and get the language right! Getting a work permit to Germany is easy once you get an employment contract with a company over there.

From there on, you just have to fulfil minimal requirements before you are now issued your visa. It is worthy of note to mention here that most Nigerians do not even understand that Germany has one of the best Labor laws in the world and it is considered to be extremely immigration friendly. This of course presents a unique opportunity to the discerning Nigerian.

6. New Zealand

This is a small English speaking country off the Australian coast. Once you are able to get employment there from a place even as far as Nigeria, it is indeed possible to maintain your residency status there.

The aim of course is to get there first! New Zealand is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations who swear allegiance to the queen as the head of state. If you’re highly technically skilled you can indeed immigrate easily to New Zealand without stress from Nigeria.

Nigerians have many options through which they may be able to get the required work visas without the hassles that many people often complain about.

The key to getting these kinds of hassle free work permits is to understand what you’re applying for and to FOLLOW the rules without due recourse to fraud or cheating.