Aside a public apology to fans, 2 other things Neymar must do to sign for Barca

The three conditions Neymar must accept to sign for Barca
The main transfer saga of the summer continues. A novel which seemed to have Antoine Griezmann as protagonist, but Neymar has ended up changing all of that.
The Brazilian is not happy in Paris. He himself admitted that he has not ended up adapting to life in France, something which brings him one step closer to the Camp Nou.
There are not just a few people who think that as days go by, Neymar is closer to joining Barca. But, even if he can leave PSG, he will have to fulfill three requirements set out by the Catalan side, according to ‘Sport’.
The first was is regarding the lawsuit which continues to be filed against the Catalan giants. The player understoood that he was owed money as a result of a bonus for renewing his contract at Barca and he sued the club. To rejoin the Catalans, he must withdraw that lawsuit.
In addition, the ’10’ must publicly state his intention of playing for Barcelona. If there is not a clear message which clears the way and takes pressure off Barca, he will not be signed by them.
Lastly, one of PSG’s stars will have to lower his financial demands. The club aims and need him to accept a salary which is lower than the one he is getting at the moment, around 37 million euros at the Parc des Princes.
Those are the conditions the striker must accept to show he is willing to join Barca once again.