Check this exposure of Fulani militia war plans in Nigeria

Fallout of RUGA rejection in southern Nigeria was threats from the Fulani ‘empire’ of war to overrun the country.

1. Azeez Suleiman recently threatened the South.

2. Then, there was upsurge in the attacks by Fulani militias in certain parts of Nigeria.

3. And last week, Funke, daughter of Chief Rueben Fasoranti, leader of Afenifere, was killed at Ore.

4. The leadership of the Miyetti Allah told President Muhammadu Buhari to arrest former President Obasanjo because of his open letter.

5. Tanko Yakassai threatened the entire South East and South-South for their rejection of Ruga.

6. Northern Elders Forum (NEF) ordered all Fulani herdsmen to leave southern Nigeria and return home to the north.

7. Then, Professor Abdullahi Ango declared that the Fulani could overrun anybody anytime as they are the foremost armed militia in West Africa.

The Ango Abdullahi declaration presupposes that:

1. Fulani militia exists (herdsmen)
2. Fulani militia is fully armed
3. Fulani Militia is well trained
4. Fulani Militia has the capacity to overrun any community.
5. Fulani militia has a spread across West Africa and could call upon their brothers if need be
6. Fulani militia is the master race; and others should be aware.


  1. In his dream. Uthman Dan fodio had similar dream. People are wiser now. The Fulani control of govt arms and ammunition can not contain the anger of the whole other ethnic groups when the chips are down. The peace of Nigeria can not be at the expense of the blood of other groups by the Fulani. Never.