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Chelsea Victory: What Jurgen Klopp vows to do with Liverpool players



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Liverpool football coach Jurgen Klopp said there was no reason to be angry with his players just to feel better after their series of Premier League games had been interrupted. But instead of getting angry with his players after their worst game in the past year, Klopp explained to them what went wrong after revisiting the game on Saturday.
Klopp said he would be an “idiot” if he began to doubt the players’ character and lose confidence in them.
“I may be angry with the players, but I did not get angry with them during this match. Common sense, if I go to a meeting and yell at them like they lost the last 10 games in a row because of a bad attitude, that would be very strange. I’m not interested in feeling better after the meeting. I’m interested in the guys getting the right information, and it can be with more or less emotion, “said Klopp, said Sky today.
“If you need to analyze, analyze, and analysis has no emotion. They are a fact review and we were not good enough. That’s an easy answer, ”the Liverpool coach added.