Coronaviorus Task Force blocks Delta/Anambra boundary with iron bars


The Task Force on coronavirus control erected iron barriers to block the boundary between Delta and Anambra states at the Onitsha head bridge to prevent inter-state movement which has been lingering since the lockdown. The governments of Anambra and Delta  states were said to have reached consensus  on the erection of the iron bars with  passage gate at the Niger bridge to restrict inter border pedestrian and vehicular movements towards preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The taskforce members on border closure had shut the gate in the early hours of Sunday, disclosing that the gate was erected Saturday night and will be shut till the lockdown and ban on inter-state movement are lifted.

Members of the coronavirus Task Force, however, recognized the social workers on exemption list, who were allowed passage in And out the gate, however, the barriers are completely shut from 8.00pm to 7.00am in accordance with the curfew imposed by the  federal government.