Covid-19: My son tested positive, treated himself with lemon and ginger—Tanzania’s president

Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli has come up with the remedies he said his son took to cure himself when he tested positive for Covid-19.

According to Magufuli, lemons and ginger treated the infection successfully.

“My own child that I brought into this world tested positive for Covid-19. The child locked himself in the room and treated himself using lemons and ginger,” Magufuli said during a church service Tuesday.

The son, he said, recovered completely after using the said “remedies.”

Infected patients undergo two tests which must turn negative before any victim can claim recovery.

Magufuli earlier came up with a finding that generated controversies when he said samples from a quail, a goat, and a pawpaw tested positive for the virus. He thereby discredited the testing kits, saying they are compromised in order to increase the number of infected people in Tanzania.

Neither of his claims has been verified in any way.

The president has refused to declare emergency or lock down the country. He said people should move about in order to pray to God for deliverance from the pandemic.

He has also become a staunch supporter of the Malagasy Covid Organics. He ordered a plane-load of the tonic last week.