Covid-19: Why many Nigerians are recovering

India records nearly 40,000 virus cases, worst daily spike this year

Out of the 493 confirmed cases recorded in Nigeria since Feb 27, no fewer than 348 of the cases are males while 145 are females, mostly within the age 31 and 40.

A statement the NCDC released through its Twitter handle on Saturday revealed this.

In the report, the NCDC said a total number of 7154 tests have been conducted so far while 9221 people of interest have been identified.

Of the positive cases, 210 had travel history, 175 were contacts of those with travel history, 16 persons were unknown sources while 92 were “incomplete”.

However, 159 recoveries have been made while 17 fatalities have been recorded, unfortunately.

Age and underlying sicknesses, and immunity are the major factor that determine the survival of the victims.

Its therefore apparent that majority of the victim, who are young, have stronger immunity and no serious undelying sicknesses.

Most of the dead victim are within the ages of 50 and 80.