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Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike sends Turin airport into frenzy



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Anticipation in the Italian city for the potential arrival of the new Juventus man led fans to go wild as Torino new-boy, Armando Izzo, turns up,National Daily learnt.

The expected signing by Juventus of Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have the Italian city of Turin in a frenzy. This feeling was perfectly demonstrated with the reaction to another footballer moving to the city to start life with a new club.

The commotion began on Thursday when staff and others at the local airport caught a glimpse of a man with a remarkable likeness to the Portuguese forward. With all the headlines around the world of Cristiano’s move, the man was surrounded in seconds, with mobiles and cameras clicking. And although it wasn’t the player himself, it was someone who Ronaldo may be facing up against in the coming months.

This player in question is the Italian defender Armando Izzo who arrived in Turin to join up with Torino, the other club in the city. Izzo recently signed from Genoa.

With a cap and sunglasses on the physical resemblance of Izzo with Cristiano Ronaldo was clear, and the Italian had a more overwhelming reception than he could have imagined. One giveaway, however, is his Italian tattoos

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