Dear Omotola: Celebrating 25 years of success

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Dear Omotola
Here is congratulating you for the spectacular 25 years in the movie industry.
Around this week, some time ago, in 1995, you dazzled in your first film. Thanks to Reginald Ebere, your first movie director.
Who would have known that the movie Venom of Justice would mark the beginning of a powerful force to come?
After that you launched with a major role in Mortal Inheritance. Since then you dominated. You have since become number one in many of our rankings.
Yes, you are my number one. And we share some things in common. We are both Ex-Commandos (we attended Command Secondery School).
At 42, You are successfull in all ramifications. Whatever anyone considers a yardstick for measuring achievements, you have it.
National recognition? You are MFR. Marriage? You have one quality home everyone admires. Cute kids, and a superman for a husband.
There’s nothing that can be achieved as a Nigerian  thespian that you didn’t pick.
So much so YabaTech and Obafemi Awolowo University peeps are always trying to claim you. They just have to settle with the fact that you are a product of both academic instititions. They should share the glory.
We still can’t forget 2013 when you got honoured in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world alongside Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and Kate Middleton.
A Nigerian pride.
Yoruba’s trophy!
Ondo state can surely brag. Yes, they should go ahead.
They have a daughter that can also stand and wave the flag at the global podium, like Anambra State’s Chimamanda Adichie (who is also 42).
What’s also very remarkable is what you attempted with music.
3 albums.
For a woman who conquered the movie industry, that’s quite impressive. Even though you were never really a sensational phenomenal in the music scene. 3 albums was quite a great effort.
Some full time famous Nigerian musicians never got the grit to go up to 3 albums.
3 albums is a Simi and Tiwa standard. At least in terms of quantity and effort. Like I said, we know you were more successful as a thespian.
Omosexy permit me to drop my ink. And don’t forget my cake. I know it’s not your birthday but 25 years in showbusiness and entertainment is not ‘beans’.
Your Strawberry Face spotter,
PS: See how I talked about you in paragraphs without mentioning Genevieve Nnaji? It’s like writing about Messi and not mention Ronaldo. Well. Today is for peace and celebration. Not a day for battles.