Ekweremadu insists Obi will waste southeast vote on Igbo agenda

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Senator Ike Ekweremadu has said the Igbo agenda exponent Peter Obi will waste the southeast vote so he should not expect to make any breakthrough in the region.

Obi bailed out of the PDP when he felt his presidential aspiration threatened.

His new party, the LP, however gave him its ticket for the asking.

But Ekweremadu in an interview circulating on social media said the LP will waste the southeast vote though he admitted Obi is a credible candidate.

“I can assure you that the South East will vote for PDP. We ask ourselves if Obi wins the election and the answer is no.

“Can the aast afford to throw away our votes and be sentimental about a matter that concerns our people, our children and future? No.

“We don’t intend to do a thing that we will regret in the future but we believe that Obi is qualified.”

The former Anambra governor seems the arrowhead of the push by Ohaneze and other cultural groups who believe the southeast ought to get into power for fairness’ sake.


  1. Hon. Ekweremadu surprisingly needs to be tutored that the people, the masses, the common man constitutes the ultimate political structure in a ‘demo’-cratic system, except of course he and the rest of his school of thought are ‘codedly’ trying to warn PO and his “Obedient movement” that electorate vote would still not count, come 2023.
    Well, thanks for the tip-off. The man we project, the man we support, the man we believe, to save Nigeria is wisely and excellently proactive and humble. He sure will beat corrupt Nigerian politicians to it this time.
    One last tutorial. “One who stands for nothing surely will fall for anything”. Yes, the fear of losing an election or backing a potentially defeated party has pushed many hitherto good men into morally degenerate political compromise. God will see us through, Hon.