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Elizade confirms JAC as Nigeria’s brand of the future



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MANAGING Director of Elizade Nigeria Ltd, Demola Ade-Ojo has described the JAC brand of vehicles as one of the Chinese brand to watch out for in Nigeria.
Speaking at a press conference at the newly built facility by Elizade for JAC brand of vehicles in Lagos, Managing Director of Elizade Nig Ltd, Demola Ade-Ojo his company is partnering with JAC not because the models are relatively cheaper than other European brands but because it has met with international minimum standard in safety and engine performance.
He said the Chinese vehicles went through rigorous road test drive, in terms of long mileage, adding that the vehicles have covered over seven thousand miles in three months without accidents or major faults.
Demola said unlike other light trucks, JAC has been able to strengthen the vehicle after extensive test-drive in Nigeria. “Because of the nature of Nigeria’s weather and road terrain, the truck has two fuel filters to safeguard against adulterated fuel as well as a strengthened rear axle to accommodate overloading”
General Secretary of the Taxi Drivers & Cab Operators Association, Taiwo Omolekan in his own comment said he has four J3 that he is using as cabs, and his Association has already requested for more 100 units. “Initially when I was told about the brand, I was skeptical because they are Chinese brands, so we asked for 34 units. But after using them for close to three years now, I can sincerely tell you that the vehicles are very good and much better than some of the European and Korean brands already in the country in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, and above all, they are very affordable and cheaper to service”.
Lyrida Lu, The Regional Manager, Light Commercial Vehicles Division, JAC International said the brand has been around international for over 30 years. He JAC still remains the No 1 exporter of light commercial vehicles in China, and that the brand is known for a thorough job when it comes to engine performance.

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