Ethiopian Airlines partners Mozio for efficient technology delivery


ETHIOPIAN Airlines has partnered with a technology ancillary giant — Mozio — to deliver efficient door-to-door connectivity to their passengers. The partnership between the airline and Mozio is meant to breach residual gaps in evolving technologies in aviation and meet the changing landscape of the present travel industry.

Ethiopian Airlines, touted as Africa’s fastest growing airline company and one of the region’s best airlines, prefers to be on top of its game and has taken advantage of this partnership to deliver new ancillary products that cater to the convenience of customers. Implementing the latest in technology, the partnership is expected to lessen the travel time in between getting in and out of the airport.

Ethiopian Airlines is the recipient of CAPA Airline of the Year Award and The Rising Star Carrier Award this 2015. The move to partner with Mozio was aimed to deliver improvements in their services that meet the soaring expectations of customers. In this partnership with Mozio, it offers ancillary product for travelers with different budgets and needs.

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The partnership is also aimed at bringing efficient transportation solution. The duo also aims to make it easy for passengers getting to and from the airport. The goal is to provide the most efficient and affordable travel option.

Using the latest in technology, Mozio is helping passengers find the most effective solution in getting in and out of the airport using train, bus, shuttle and sedan or even via tuktuk transfers in some countries.

Mr. Abdulhakim Meftuh, E-Commerce Manager of Ethiopian Airlines, said: “Central to Ethiopian Airlines’ goals is to deliver superb passenger experience. With the help of Mozio, we are able to ensure that customers are able to get to where they want to go in a safe and affordable manner.”

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Tim Murungi, Mozio’s Head of Partnerships EMEA, echoed the sentiments of Abdulhakim Meftuh by saying “We are very excited to be working with Ethiopian Airlines in offering a new quality standard for airport transfers, one that provides passengers’ with a diverse choice of travel options, is reliable and offers excellent customer value.”

Mozio plans to not only improve the overall services and travel experience of the passengers, but to provide them with the most efficient option when it comes to reaching the next destination. Regardless if you are going to the airport, or heading to your hotel, Mozio and Ethiopian Airlines’ partnership’s intention is to make everything seamless.
Mozio and Ethiopian Airlines plan to offer this ancillary service with the most reasonable price point.