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Exclusive: Neymar codes a letter of his return to Barca fans



Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar apparently lost €1 million playing online poker on Thursday, with the Brazilian left fake crying on a live stream.
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By Ediale Kingsley
Brazilian captain and forward Neymar completed a 222 million euro move from FC Barcelona to French giants Paris St. Germain. This was after a campaign that saw him net 105 goals for Barcelona, providing 41 assists to the MSN side that flourished under former coach Luis Enrique.
Although Neymar leaving for PSG broke a lot of Barca fans heart. But Ediale KingsleyNationalDaily Sports Editor believes the Brazilian coded  key signs of his return, to a Club that gave him everything, in the exit letter Neymar drafted as he joined PSG 2 seasons ago.
Here are the key messages embedded in the letter:
— He communicated therein the letter that there will be no club better than Barca in his heart that this was just him testing a new challenge. And never at any time said PSG was better than Barca. Which is why he was very comfortable to have hinted his best moment in football being the great comeback that ended 6-1 in a second tie against PSG.
— He actually stated the mission he was going for while nothing that there will never be a player better than Leo Messi. And although he stated that PSG fans needed him for a specific assignment (Champions League). He also very clearly said he was family to the fans of Barca nothing clearly what the Catalonia meant in his heart.
— So he went for the mission. To win the UCL for PSG. A challenge he failed to meet twice. And he understood it is impossible to give to the PSG crowd what they want. So he is coming back to his family and first love.
Here is the letter, read for yourself. Read again, between the lines (I have underlined the coded messages that every Barca fan should understand):
Dear supporters and Barcelona fans,
The life of an athlete is made by challenges. Some are given to us, others are fruits of our own decisions, to keep the light that illuminates our career, which is intense but short. Barceloan was much more than a challenge. It was the dream of a child who played with those stars through the video game. 
I arrived at Catalonia when I was 21 years old, filled with challenges. I can still remember my first days in the club, sharing the changing room with idols like Messi, Valdes, Xavi, Puyol, Pique, Busquets and many others.
Waiting my turn to play in a club that’s more than a club. Barcelona is a nation that represents Catalonia. I had the honour of playing with the best athlete I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m sure I’ll never see another one like him while I’m alive. Leo Messi became my friend in and out of the pitch. It was an honour to play with him (Messi). I made a trio with Messi and Suarez and it made history. Conquering everything any athlete can conquer.
Lived unforgettable moments. Lived in a city that’s more than a city, it’s a homeland. 
I love Barcelona and I love Catalonia. But an athlete needs challenges. For the second time in my life, I’ll contradict my father. 
Father, I understand and respect your opinion but my decision is made and I ask you to support me as you always do. Barcelona and Catalonia will always be in my heart, but I need new challenges.
I accepted PSG’s proposal to try new achievements and help the club win the titles their crowd want. They showed me a daring career plan and I feel ready to take on this challenge. I thank the wonderful Blaugrana crowd and everything learned with the great athletes that I had the chance to share the dressing room. 
Now I feel in my heart that it is time to leave. PSG will be my home for the next years and I will work hard to honour all of the trust placed in my football. I’m counting on the support of all of you who have been with me since 2009. Fans, friends and professionals who are with me and my family, who suffered a lot with some problems that took place during that period of my career.
Today we all deserve peace. It’s a very hard decision but I made it with the maturity I accumulated throughout those 25 years.

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