Full Speech: Gov. Wike reads riot act to FG, Minister Of Aviation

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The Rivers State Government has vowed to prosecute 22 staff of American oil giant, ExxonMobile, who entered the state on Thursday in violation of the lockdown on its border.

Governor Nyesom Wike, who made the avowal on Friday morning, said the state was prepared to test the laws on its ability to shut its borders and protect the lives of its people in view of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to newsmen at the Government House Port Harcourt, Wike said the 22 staff would be taken to court and made to face the law like he did to two pilots and passengers of Caverton Helicopter.

He said: “ExxonMobil brought in 22 persons without telling us so that they can be quarantined and tested. I will fight this on my own; the security agencies have orders from Abuja (not to be involved) but we will go to court.

Here is his latest post:

– I have come and will go one day but while I remain, I will ensure the lives of the People of Rivers State is Protected. I am a “Boy” to the people of Rivers State and not anyone outside the State.

– You can fly, I can not stop you from doing so but when you land, do not enter my territory. The roads were constructed by Rivers State Government.

– You don’t talk law on Pages of Newspaper, you talk law in the Court and we’re prepared. A Certain minister sat somewhere issuing order to me, let him come and release the people in our custody that violated the law.

– I am not one of those Governors who fly to Abuja every now and then to look for favours. COVID-19 has come, let everyone stay in his state and spend money.

– Any Company operating in Rivers State that does not assist the State in the fight against COVID-19 will hear from Rivers State. I don’t go to them to beg for anything, I have not collected anything from them and so, I can stand firm and make a decision.

– We are not those State where a Governor receives 28million naira and snap pictures with it. In Rivers State, we don’t collect Widow’s Mite. You make money here, it is our entitlement. Look for the COVID-19 task force account and make your donations there. There are poor people who still have Pride and Integrity.

– I won you in 2015, I won in 2019, how many times do you want me to win you?

– The only opposition party in Rivers State is SDP who won a seat in the House of Assembly. How can someone from a party who cannot produce a single Candidate just within the party to stand for an election come out to talk about how to run a State? Go and put your house in order.

– All those politicians politicising Covid-19 saying that they were tested positive and now negative, they should also make public their HIV status

– Stalls have been converted to markets; we would go after them. For the markets defying us, we would close down the market forever

– If you don’t like me, should I kill myself?
That will even make me to like myself the more

– (to press men) Most of you don’t like us, you eat our food but we know the interest you represent. Write your reports well, if you don’t write well, Corona Virus will catch you.

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