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Gen. Omozoje tasks graduating SSC cadets on loyalty to service, fatherland



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Gen. Omozoje tasks graduating SSC cadets on loyalty to service, fatherland.


The Chief of Policy and Plans, Nigerian Army, Maj-Gen Anthony Omozoje, has tasked graduating cadets of Nigerian Army Short Service Combatants to stick to virtues of loyalty to fatherland.

Omozoje threw the challenge in Kaduna on Thursday night during a regimental dinner organised in honour of graduating 295 cadets of Short Service Combatants (SSC) Course 47.

“You must be loyal to the service; you must remain loyal to this nation; you should be committed to your duties; that is what is expected,” he admonished.

He told them that Nigeria needed a military which leaders demonstrate high standard of character.

Omozoje also told the cadets that in few days, a phase would end and another would begin in their lives as they transform from being cadets to commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army.

“In the light of this, you need a sense of responsibility, coupled with the right knowledge .

“You must therefore submit to civil requirements for leadership development that will enable you contribute to the development of the Nigerian Army,” he said.

The National Daily report that Army Short Service Cadets of Course 47 are expected to be commissioned into the Nigerian Army on Feb.26.

Among the 295 graduating cadets , two are from Liberia, who would be commissioned into the Armed Forces of Liberia.

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