How Afenifere stoked Muslims’ anger in defence of juju-wearing Igboho

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Many like to take former Sen Shehu Sani for a liberal activist, considering his ever ready comments in support of anything and anybody that has a jibe or a diss for the APC government. Well, Sani not always the man of the world they think.

The national secretary of Afenifere just pricked him in the raw. And the Yoruba man got it in the neck—for comparing the embattled secessionist Sunday Adeyemo Igboho with Islam’s founder Mohammed in a July 26 press statement.

“The reported statement by Afenifere stands unreservedly condemned,” said Sani on July 27.

“Their comparison is wrong, unconscionable, provocative and disgusting. It must be withdrawn immediately.”

In the statement, the Afenifere official tried to make a religious simplification of the alleged gun-running secessionist’s ordeal in Benin Republic where allegations keep mounting against him.

“We recall that Moses had to be taken away from the prying eyes of Pharaoh and his agents in Egypt,”said Jare Ajayi.

And trying to over-reach himself, he delved into Islam.

“Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) too had to leave his hometown, Mecca for Medina in order to escape persecution.

“Thus, there is nothing wrong in Igboho seeking a respite first to preserve his life and perhaps to re-strategise.”

Igboho is neither a Christian nor a Moslem. He believes more in his arsenal of juju, some of which the DSS took away when they raided his house to recover what the service claimed were stockpiled weapons, including seven AK47 and three pump-action guns.

The unholy comparison and blasphemy angered Sani.

“The Afenifere must tender an unreserved apologies to the Muslim ummah for such acts of irresponsible desecration,” he said.

“Nothing is more important and sacrosanct to the Muslim ummah than preserving, defending and upholding the Pious name our Prophet Muhammad SAW.”