How Obi’s supporters hang on NEF’s spokesman tweets for endorsement

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As support groups seek endorsement and approval for their candidates, statements, including those by people with no electoral value, now take up extra meanings.

A member of the Northern Elder Forum spoke about the LP candidate Peter Obi recently, and the South East Revival Group (SERG) working for Obi has snagged the statement as endorsement.

Hakeem Baba-Ahmed before now insisted the north must always dominate, and rotational presidency is not a right, especially the way the Igbo are going about it.

Again, NEF didn’t consider Obi, who was in the PDP until recently, a gamechanger or anything.

But Baba-Ahmed’s recent tweets have suddenly changed all that, giving Obi’s supporters something to hang on.

“I wish those who see him as an ethnic candidate can get to know him better. I also wish those who try to sell him will tone down his ethnic identity,” e tweeted after meeting the presidential candidate.

“I hope the nation will see the candidates up close, we could see a revolution.”

In a statement on Tuesday, SERG coordinator Willy Ezugwu noted that Baba-Ahmed didn’t speak as a politician but a patriot and courageous statesman.

“Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a typical politician with vested interest or an ethnic bigot who should not be taken seriously,” he said.

Those Bab-Ahmed’s NEF has ever endorsed, including former Sen. President Bukola Saraki and Bauchi Gov Bala Mohammed,  for presidential primary or the general elections don’t usually win the contests..