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How to win N1.2m with N200, Editor’s prediction on EPL day 1 matches



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Ediale Kingsley, puts his prediction and analysis hats on, to give you a mix that will see you smiling to the bank. Hopefully, while he is mostly always right and has won more bets than he has lost, prediction is prediction and there is nobody in the world that is ever always 100% consistently on point with games prediction. However, with a careful study of history, reading of stats and basic thorough knowledge. He has cooked a code that can see you winning up to N1.2m with just a N200 stake. Here is the Booking Number or Code: 52PRPYV and below, the analysis of the combination.
1. June 2017: England U21 – Germany U21. (W1)
On this match, I take a path against the bookies. It’s popular to go the way of Germany U21. The German team is solid and discipline. A reflection of what’s obtainable in the world-cup-winning, Germany senior team.
But there is something going right about the England youth team. The same thing that made them win U20 world cup just recently. The U21 has shown quality attacking all through the tournament. They’ve hammered their opponent 6-0, 3-0, 5-1 and so on. I will take the risk for an upset. This is based on a quality track record of the English team along this tournament. The Germans have been good as well but I think on the day it will go the English way.
2. 27 June 2017: Spain U21 – Italy U21. (W1)
On the way up they both met and Spain got it done and dusted in a 2-1 win. After which Spain went on to beat Macedonia 5-0. I tip Spain to win this.
3. 28 June 2017: Portugal – Chile. (W2)
Ronaldo has been awesome. If the Chileans didn’t have that pedigree of killing Giants and soccer Goliaths (Argentina & Messi), I’d give this to Portugal. But these Chile team is solid and once again I am going for an upset. Against what the bookies feel, I think Chile will win. Their Vidal, Sanchez, Vargas and co are proving too compact to stop.
4. 29 June 2017: Germany – Mexico (W1)
Despite the awesome play from Chicharito, Carlos Vela and the amazing Herrera. Germany will win. They are too talented to lose. In style they have beaten Cameroon, Australia and drew Chile on their way up. Mexico will be a small fry.
5. 12 August 2017: Southampton – Swansea ( X)
The EPL would commence this day, August 12th. By this time these teams will be boosting. They will not start this match on an adventurous note. They will be careful. And ensure defense is covered. I see a draw in this game.
6. 12 August 2017: Crystal Palace – Huddersfield Town (1)
The new side Huddersfield are here to enjoy themselves. They can dream of a fairytale experience in the EPL but sooner they will wakeup in relegated to the Championship. Crystal Palace with a new coach will have a point to make. Straight win for Crystal Palace.
7. 12 August 2017: Chelsea – Burnley.  (W1)
The worst thing that can happen in this match is Chelsea winning 1-0. The norm will be that the defending champs lead by multiple goals. The first thing they want to do is start well at home.
8. 12 August 2017: Arsenal – Leicester City (W1)
Arsenal have a new Coach. Yes, I am not going bunkers! Or nuts!!
Arsene Wenger after 20 years in the club is remade, repented, refurbished, rethought…the only thing that mattered most to him, TOP 4 spot, was taken from him last season. It’s now clear to him that, the old method can’t work again. So since playing the FA final with Chelsea and winning, he has switched to the modern football. He will win his first match at home. Whether Sanchez and Ozil stay or not.
9. 12 August 2017: Watford – Liverpool (W2)
I imagine Salah Mohamed, the new boy at Liverpool, a.k.a Egyptian Messi, coming from bench to score. I imagine Liverpool taking their away fixtures very serious this time. Since Klopp now knows this is the season he must win at least one trophy. This 3rd season, he is ripe to win something. He must contend and win. He can’t afford to lose. He will win.
10. 12 August 2017: Brighton – Manchester City (W2)
Expectantly, this is suppose to be the year of Gabriel Jesus and Pep Guardiola. Danny Alves, Bernardo Silva and co should be capable to hit the ground, running. Man City will win this one.
11. 12 August 2017: Newcastle Utd – Tottenham (W1)
You may make another ticket because of this fixture. On that ticket go for a double chance for Newcastle (i.e X1). While my heart says this match will end in a draw. My head says Newcastle will win. They have missed being here. They went to the lower division by relegation last season an they kept their act together and made it back here again.
Raphael Benitez is hungry for success. The Spanish manager, by now, understands how it works. He will beat the almighty Harry Kane’s side.
12. 12 August 2017: Manchester Utd – West Ham (W1)
If they eventually buy Kelechi Iheanachor, and the Imo  boy decides to be good. The best West Ham will get is a Goal Goal situation. But ManUnited will not splash all the money they will end up splashing just to have a bad EPL start. They will win.

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