How Wike prevented Dino Melaye from winning the party’s primaries – Babajide Otitoju

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On today’s edition of Journalist Hangout on TVC News, Babajide Otitoju spoke about some of the things that Governor Nyesom Wike has done in the past which includes how Wike allegedly made sure that Dino Melaye didn’t win the primaries in Kogi state.

Babajide Otitoju said, “Whether we like it or not, Wike is a factor in the PDP, and Wike is not a pushover. You cannot dismiss him as a pushover, if you dismiss him as a pushover, you do that at your own peril.

We have seen what he has done in Rivers state, consistently winning elections. He has a track record of winning, if he can defeat Rotimi Amaechi in 2015 and in 2019, no matter how it happened, then he is not an underdog, he is not someone to toy with.

Babajide Otitoju while speaking in the 29th minute of the program said, “The primaries that were conducted before the Presidential primaries in the PDP were dominated by elements loyal and funded by Nyesom Wike up to even Kogi state.

Senator Dino Melaye. (SDM) on Twitter: "The Man Wike" / Twitter

Wike got involved, he made sure for example that Dino did not win the primaries of the party in Kogi state, you can imagine all the way from Rivers state. Dino will confirm this to people that he saw Wike’s hands in his defeat. Wike was doing all that to make himself strong.

I was speaking with one of the PDP Governors, and he was telling me that the challenge they have is how to manage this man(Wike), because he has become not just the strength of the party but the albatross.

You can manage him in such a way that he will feel wanted and bigger than he is, so that he will leave you alone”.