I killed Sen. Na Allah’s son for 23 bags of rice, suspect confesses

Late Captain Abdulkarim Bala Na Allah and his father, Senator Bala Na Allah
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One of the suspected killers of Captain Abdulkarim Bala Na Allah, the first son of Senator Bala Na Allah, has explained how and why they killed the pilot in his Malali residence two weeks ago.

On August 29, 2021 Abdulkareem was found dead in his room at his residence in Malali GRA, Kaduna.

One of the two suspects paraded by the Kaduna Police Command, Nasiru Salisu, 27, said he bought 23 bags of rice with his share of the money stolen from the house of the deceased after he was killed.

Salisu, who lives in Kawo, said Bashir tied the victim up after the struggle.

According to him: “I bought 23 bags of rice with my share of the money but it was intercepted by customs.”

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Speaking to journalist at the Police Headquarters, the prime suspect, Bashir Muhammad, a resident of Rabah road in Kaduna North Local Government Area, said they gained access into the deceased’s house to steal his car.

Bashir, who claimed he did not know his victim, said: “I did not know the deceased. One day, we were passing in front of his house, three of us including Nasiru, me (Bashir) and Usman DanKano when we saw a car parked inside the deceased house.

“DanKano casually said we will come and pick the car from the house. The next day while it was raining, we gained access into the vicinity of the deceased residence, climbed the roof top and removed the nails of the roofing sheets.

“When we got inside the house, Nasiru and I opened the door for Usman who was holding a touch light, the light from the touch attracted the attention of the deceased and immediately he saw us, he picked something from under his bed and he started struggling with Nasiru.

“During the struggle, the deceased fell down and when he fell down, we used a rope for hanging clothes to tire him and he never spoke again. We picked up the car keys and left.”

The third suspect, Usman DanKano, was said to still be at large.