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I’ll kill my step-father — 14 year old rape victim



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To Oluchi Obinna, life is unfair. She was brutally raped by her step-father, and she ran away from home because her mother failed to take it up. She narrates her ordeal to our correspondent, FAVOUR UMARU at a hideout in Lagos where she is presently staying from the knowledge of her mother and step-father. Excerpts

HOW were you raped?
It happened last week Wednesday night after my mother, who is a nurse with a private hospital, had gone to work for her night duty. My step-father sneaked into my room where I was sleeping and started touching me. When I felt someone’s hands on my body, I opened my eyes and saw my step-father stark naked and before I could say anything to him; he pounced on me, tore my night gown, held me against the bed tightly and raped me.
Are you in school?
Yes, I’m in Junior Secondary School 3.
When were you first approached by your step-father?
He started making amorous advances to me towards the end of last year, precisely November 2014.
Did you tell your mother about it?
Yes. I told my mum about it when she came back from work later that evening.
What was her response/reaction?
She did not even allow me to finish telling her before she started shouting at me saying that “I am a wayward girl.” She said that she has noticed me trying to seduce her husband and even attempted to beat me up if not for the intervention of my step-father.
Was that true you actually wanted to seduce him?
Never! I never did something like that. I was amazed at my mother’s reaction.
Has anybody approached you before for a relationship?
Yes, some boys in my area where I live and some senior students in my school too have asked me out before but I usually turn them down.
Why do you run away from home after you were raped?
I ran away from home because I did not want my step-father to keep on raping me. Also, my mum will not believe me if I tell her what happened to me that night.
Where is your father?
My father is dead. My mum told me he died when I was four years old. She married my step-father just two years ago.
How do you feel now?
I felt very bad, abused and sad. I feel empty like a person whose life is incomplete.
Have you been given any treatment?
The aunty I am staying with here took me to the hospital for a check-up and was given treatment.
Who are you staying with now?
I am staying with aunty Toke in Ikeja. She was our former neighbour in Mosan.
If you have the opportunity to be with your step-father in the same room now, what will you do to him?
God knows that I will not spare him. I would surely kill him and I will not be sorry about doing it
How many times did he approach you before he raped you?
He approached me several times last year but later stopped in January this year. He started again in August before he raped me last week Wednesday
Were you drugged?
No, I was not drugged because I was sleeping already before he came into my room.

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