Jonathan’s Probe; Northern elders, Waku should visit psychiatric doctor – Ijaw group

From, Prince Monday Whiskey, Regional Editor, South South
National President of the Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative (IPDI) Comrade Austin Ozobo has advised Northern leaders and Senator Joseph Waku advocating for the arrest of former Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to urgently seek medical help by visiting a psychiatric doctor to examine their state of health.
Comrade Ozobo said their orchestrated plot to dent the image of the former president through their unguided utterances is capable of heating up the polity and increase tension in the country.
He said, his group has uncovered a well coordinated and orchestrated plan by some well placed individuals and groups of Northern extraction to castigate and cast deliberate aspersion on the impeccable integrity of the first and the best president that has ever been produced by this country simply because he comes from the southern minority.
“President Goodluck Jonathan came and met Nigeria in a very bad state. He never held anybody responsible, rather he settled down to his duty and contributed his meaningful quota to the rapid social economic development of the country as can be attested to by patriotic leaders who are not beclouded by tribal sentiments and religious bigotry.
“If EFCC as an institution that is now a known political bull dog of the current government will in its judgment say there is no evidence linking former President Jonathan to the arms deal, the question to be asked is where then did these self styled northern leaders and controversial Senator Joseph Waku get their facts from?”
It sounds logical according to Comrade Ozobo that these Northern leaders and their self appointed apostles are on a mission to possibly sink the ship of the Nigeria nation as the people of the southern Nigeria will not sit akimbo while one of their best who gave this country a patriotic service will be run down because of tribal differences or religious sentimentalism.
“I sincerely call on President Mohammadu Buhari to urgently call this group of people to order before they set this country into unimaginable and unavoidable crisis, adding that “Senator Joseph Waku is a well known controversial northern element who speaks their mind and carries their seal so we very much believe that his recent media campaign to instigate Nigerians against the former President and our beloved son and brother has their support and if that is correct then Senator Waku should not only visit a psychiatric hospital but he should also see a psychologist to correct his dysfunctional worse state of health that has been beclouded by tribal sentiment.