Juventus keeper: We must do more against Athletico

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny spoke to JTV about Juventus’ upcoming UEFA Champions League round of 16 2nd leg against Atletico Madrid, as well as reflecting on the win over Napoli and the club’s form.
“​50 games for Juventus? I reached it against Napoli and I did not even know it, but it was an important match for the championship. The way it went? It was not a great match for our fans, but the important thing is to have won: now we have a hand and a half on the Scudetto.
“Do you feel stronger playing with Juventus? Yes, it’s also the strength of the guys that helps me: playing with players of this quality I become stronger too. I’m happy because we have a wonderful group that deserves so much.
“​We are ready and aware of the fact that we have to give much more than what we have shown in the last matches, even those won. To win and overturn this game is not easy, it is very difficult but we can do it and we believe in it. We must do better than we did in the last games.”