Manufacturers bemoan interstate lockdown, extortion

By Richards Adeniyi
Manufacturers of goods and products are complaining that the current interstate lockdown is adversely affecting the movement of goods from the production points to the various markets.

The interstate lockdown is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially for those travelling from high-risk areas to other places with little or no record of the outbreak of the deadly virus.

They also lamented the alleged extortion of their members by the security agents manning the state boundaries.

He noted that while he agreed that it was absolutely necessary to check the movement of people along state borders, it should not be the same thing for goods and products, which were needed to keep economy growing and sustain the people and businesses.

Oruche, however, said the relief period granted by the Lagos State Government for some classes of manufacturers from 9am to 3pm, was inadequate for some of the manufacturers operating heavy machines such as steel manufacturing companies.

He said once some of those machines were put to work, they must continue working for many hours before shutting them down, as opposed to the current arrangement of having to work for only six hours (9am to 3pm).

He said, “The interstate lockdown down is affecting the movement of goods, especially from the eastern part of the country to other parts.”