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Nigeria not encouraging boxing — Adeniyi



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Meet 25 years Boxer, who all his brothers are ring kings, Korede Mojeed Adeniyi who spoke about the game and more with Esther Egbe of National DailySports recently.

HOW did you started?
I start when i was a kid with my brother that’s my coach

What influenced into boxing?
All my brothers are boxer so i pick interest and love the sport as my carrier

What are their names?
Ibrahim Adeniji Morufat Adeniji and ismaila adeniji Nurudeen Adeniji

What are the challenges being a boxer?
The challenges is that Nigeria are not encouraging at all in boxing and going to camp there are something that want to makes me withdraw but i keep moving just because of the love i have for the game

Have you travel for any major competition?
Yes, i have travel to Kazakhstan for world boxing championship.
What year and did you win any medal?
No, i lost in second primarily stage.

Can you say boxing is making progress in Nigeria?
Yes, gradually.
In the last all African games we won three gold and three silver medals and i know we will qualify for Olympic to bring more laurel back to the country.

What do you think about is the way forward for the game?
If Nigeria can have us within their vicinity, i mean to camp us even after each game it will keep us in shape hand leaving us after game.

How long have you been into this game?
I have been into boxing over fifteen years now.

At what age did you start the game and how old are you?
I started at the age of ten am 25 years old

How did you parents reacted, when you told them you wanted to become a boxer?
They love seeing me going into the ring they party for me to succeed in the game.

If you were not into boxing, what will you be doing?
I am into Tailoring. I made clothes for men, if I wasn’t into boxing.Am into tailoring but because of boxing i drop the tailoring work.

When was your most memorable moment on the ring?
My first outing in national sports festival in Kaduna state Kada games was my most memorable day

How can you rate Nigerian boxer?
Nigeria boxer are well talented boxer

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