Operation Crocodile Smile: Army break hold of militants in Lagos/Ogun creeks

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    The Nigerian Army have recorded another successful operation as it breaks the major strong holds of militants who have been terrorizing residents of Ikorodu Lagos and parts of Ogun state communities.
    The operation which started two months ago in the oil rich Niger Delta of the south-south region was later extended to the South-West region which were seen as another black spots where oil thieves operates to siphon the nation petroleum products and attack residents who dare them to report crime cases to security agencies.
    At the last count no fewer than 73 suspected criminals, mainly members of different militant groups, have been arrested in the south-westerm part of the country and about 85 suspected militants were picked up at different militant camp in Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Cross River State which are known as the five coastal states where crude oil is produced for the nation in large quantities.
    A top defense source told National Daily that the two separate operations initiated by the Army headquarters was a big exercise and will help the oil sector to increase its operations in the last quarter of 2017 and first quarter of 2018 before the general election of 2019.
    According to him when there is no crime especially in oil producing areas foreigners will have the confidence to invest heavily in the oil sector thereby pushing up the revenue base of the country. It will also provide more employment opportunity for the citizen which is the current focus of the present administration under president Muhammadu Buhari in its desire to wipe out crime across the country by giving huge financial backup to all the sister security agencies.
    National Daily, further gathered that the two “operation python dance” in the south East “operation crocodile smile” of the South-south and the South-West will not stop as the military will use this exercises to assist the police and other paramilitary agencies to curb crime across the country.
    Investigation carried by National Daily at the weekend revealed that all suspects arrested so far in all the major operation has been handed over to the police high command Abuja for further screening after which those found wanting in major crimes will be prosecuted in the law court soon.
    The operations were initiated to reduce the high rate of kidnapping, killings of innocent souls, vandalising of pipelines by criminals who were operating as militants.
    The task of protecting the oil sector in the country had been a huge task
    For the federal Government as there were reports of crime incidents on daily basis in the major oil producing states until the military designed the different operations with the aim to reduce criminals in the country.