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Oshiomhole leads Uzodinma to beg Buhari for fresh support at Supreme Court



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There are innuendoes that the  National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, may have led the court created governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, to the State House, Abuja, at the weekend to beg President Muhammadu Buhari for fresh support as Emeka Ihedioha returns to the Supreme Court for review of judgment on Imo State governorship election. Oshiomhole and Uzodinma had visited President Buhari at the Villa where they held closed door meeting, which sources insinuated was not unconnected with the return of Ihedioha to the Supreme Court seeking review of the judgment which declared Uzodinma winner of the Imo governorship election on calculation of irregular figures which the Tribunal declared were forged. More disturbing to Oshiomhole and the APC, is the volunteer of foreign interests to monitor the review proceedings which may put the judges under pressure for transparency and eschew from manipulations and distortions.

However, after the meeting with President Buhari, Oshiomhole in a media interaction indicted the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which he said shouldn’t have announced Emeka Ihedioha of the PDP winner of the Imo governorship election.

Oshiomhole argued that the INEC was wring in declaring Ihedioha governor, noting that the PDP candidate did not meet the constitutional requirements of having polled two-third of the votes cast in the state.

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The APC chairman had declared: “Ask INEC to give you the result of Imo, even excluding that of Governor Hope Uzodinma. You will find that Emeka ought not to have been declared. For me, it is shocking that nobody is interrogating INEC.

“And that is how they get away with this blue murder. This is to say nothing of the fact that INEC has not explained why did you not collate votes that were certified by the presiding officers, signed by the appointing officers appointed by INEC in each of the 388 polling units.”

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has adopted Ihedioha’s review suit, and added 17 more judges to be part of the judgment review panel of the court. Protests by PDP leaders and stakeholders, including complains to US, UK, EU and other foreign interests may have put both the Supreme Court and APC under immense pressures, which perhaps, can only be handled by the president in his own way as in certain cases.

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