Sen. Shehu Sani raises suspicion over govt.’s responses to kidnapping, banditry

Senator Shehu Sani has raised suspicion over the mode of interventions or responses to cases of kidnapping, banditry, and other issues of insecurity in Nigeria. The former senator in a statement on his twitter handle @ShehuSani raised suspicion over the procedures kidnapped victims regain freedom from unidentifiable locations after a period captivity. He questioned the relevance of the intelligence community and the rescue operations. He disclosed that when mass kidnapping occurs, the destinations of the victims are not located in the bush till they are released. The Senator raised the suspicion that kidnapped victims may not be necessarily kept in the bush as often claimed. However, at the point of release, the bush becomes the scene of drama for their freedom.

 Senator Sani in his tweet, declared: “When students are abducted en mass by bandits or terrorists, they are never located in the bushes, until they are released either dead or alive by their captors.

“Where is the intelligence community and when is the rescue operations?”

Some other stakeholders appear to agree with Senator Sani’s statement, some alleging that terrorists and bandits may be in the government. He attributed this position to the inability of the security operatives to contain the violence inflicted on Nigerians by the bandits, Boko Haram, killer herdsmen, and others.

The stakeholder in his tweet @effiongjohn10 wrote: @ShehuSani

“when you have TERRORISTS in government, there’s little the security agents can do. May God deliver us from this nightmare.”

Another stakeholder also raised suspicion why some states are excluded from the violent activities of the bandits, Boko Haram and killer herdsmen.

According to the stakeholder @Gwarzo18 in a tweet: @ShehuSani

“has anyone bothered to ask why there is no kidnapping in Kano, Jigawa and Bauchi compared to other states, including southern states where a young graduate was kidnapped and murdered Last week. “Do the lives of our southern people don’t matter to you guys?”