Six arrested for ‘sexual activity’ in woods

Six people aged 62 to 85 have been arrested after police officers went into the woods to watch them having sex.

The group was arrested in a conservation area in Fairfield, Connecticut, which is some 87 acres in size.

Police said they had found posts online advertising the Grace Richardson environmental preserve as somewhere to meet and have sex, according to the Associated Press news agency.

Officers began a spying operation to snare anyone taking part in the lewd activities.

They allegedly spotted the group of five men and one woman committing a number of breaches of the law before moving in, AP reported.

The six now face charges including public indecency and breaching the peace. They were released after promising to appear in court.

One member of the group has previously been found walking naked in public, the CT Post reported.

The conservation area is bordered on one side by a road called Congress Street.