Struggling with covid-19, Akeredolu in dilemma as deputy gov waxes strong

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Down with Covid-19, and battling to beat the virus, Ondo Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu is fighting one more battle along—his re-election. And that is pushing him, a sharp legal mind, to play ply politics in a manner many consider extreme—refusing to hand over to his assistance.

Akeredolu isn’t incapacitated yet since he caught the virus; so, as Nigeria’s rulebook indicates,  handing over  to Ajayi Agboola, his estranged deputy and rival in the next guber election, is not so urgent.

The refusal however reveals how power and position hold sway over politicians, including the elitist class of senior advocates of Nigeria the governor belongs by profession.

To justify his clinging to power even when faced with the killer virus that should occupy his attention the most, Akeredolu described Agboola, now a potential candidate for the PDP, as a threat, and vowed to hog the executive power while he’s isolation.

“You can’t hand over government to someone who has left governance, or handover the rein of government to someone who attempted to pull down government,” the governor said through his Communication Commissioner Donald Ojogo.

Agboola defected to the APC weeks ago, and he refused to resign from office, saying the people who gave him the mandate did not ask him to resign as deputy governor.

You don’t rock a boat that has taken you across the ocean,’” said the governor.

“So it is a non-issue and we are not even considering handing over to Agboola Ajayi.”

Ajayi, since his defection to the opposition, has been making strides, and his chances of clinching the party primary ticket are high, thus piling up the agony for the sick APC governor.