UK’s fattest man dies

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Britain’s fattest man Mathew Crawford has died after reportedly pulling through a spell of hospitalization.

The 37-year-old weighed 55 stone at his heaviest, and had to occupy an entire ward and four beds when he was hospitalized for 18 months.

His care at King’s Mill Hospital was costing the NHS up to £7,000 a week then.

Crawford was declared okay but he could not be discharged because caring for him was demanding.

“Everybody is sick to the back teeth with the situation and it’s about time it was exposed,” an NHS source was quoted as saying.

“There’s nothing medically wrong with Matt now but we’re powerless to get rid of him.

“There’s space for four people who need to be on the ward being taken up by one bloke who doesn’t.”

A year later he was finally moved into a specially-adapted care facility in December 2019.

A friend said Matthew had joined Slimming World in a bid to shed the weight for good.

But it has now emerged the 37-year-old Rangers and Lincoln City fan died last week from sepsis and organ failure.

Friends have paid tributes to him online as a “great lad who is with his father now”