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Water dealers increase price of sachet water from N200 to N300 per bag



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The Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) has increased the price of sachet water from N200 to N300 per bag.

The National President of the association, Mrs. Clementina Ativie, in a statement in Abuja, declared that the decision was unanimously reached during ATWAP national convention in Abuja on Wednesday.

She said that the change in the price was as a result of the increase in the prices of material, coupled economic situation of the country.

She stated: “We, hereby, declare that the price of sachet water, popularly known as pure water, is now N300 per bag as the company price.

“There will be no extra bag or extra pieces henceforth for wholesale or retail buyer, the increase in the price is due to the cost of increase in production materials.

“The upward review of the price was also due to the economic situation of the country; the cost of production had gone far beyond what we can bear.

“The increase in the price is just to save our industry and for us to remain in business.”

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