What Conte should have done to stay unbeaten


NO longer news that Chelsea finally got halted by the Spurs. The match ended 2:0. Dele Ali, getting good at his false 9 position, ensured two goals off his head touched the back of the net. Thanks to players like Eriksen. The battle of the defensive midfielders was won by Wanyama and for once Kante was found wanting.

Now I don’t get it, when a certain Diego Costa frowns at a great player like Pedro (this happened at some point in the game, when Pedro made a mistake up front). Are they equals? Can Diego Costa scream at Ramos like that? Common! Players should know their senior.

This Tottenham team of the moment had the answers to Moses, Kante and Hazard. Once you can provide the answers to these players, you will beat Chelsea. I have said that before. We saw it today.

What Antonio Conte could have done differently was to have started with the game plan of starting a Fabregas. But With Dembele, Wanyama and Sissoko you don’t want to risk a lazy midfielder. So I can excuse the Chelsea Manager.

Could this be the end of the title challenge for Chelsea or a small distraction? Why do I think Leicester will win or at least pull a point from Chelsea? Whatever happens, Liverpool and Klopp are the favourites again. Yet, Chelsea still tops the table.