Why Mourinho won’t get CL spot for Manchester United 


It’s time we look ahead Manchester United and Jose Mourinho’s relationship. Where’s this heading? Any hope of having Champions League bookings for next season? The Red Devils can only do that by winning the Europa or making Top 4.  The board’s single objective would be attaining that UCL spot by the end of this season and with the continue draw results. It’s about time someone checks that crystal ball. Who else would be fit for the assignment if not Ediale Kingsley
Another draw!
Manchester United fans couldn’t but blow in grief and relief when they had to leave yesterday’s match against Everton in another draw.  It took an injury-time rescue from Zlatan Ibrahimovic to pull a penalty goal against Everton as Jose Mourinho’s side once again failed to win in the league at Old Trafford. While the point means United have extended their unbeaten run to 20 games, it also crowns the special one as the Father Of Draws this season:
Making history with draws
Manchester United leads in terms of number of home draws and total draws: Of their opening 16 home league games, Mourinho has had to settle for 9 draws. Thereby touching the history books, for Manchester United have only drawn more at this stage once. That was in 1980/81 season, when they recorded 10 draws at home.On the EPL’s table as it stands, Mourinho’s team lead in the total number of match draws with 12 games.  The match against Everton also exposed the Portuguese tactician in the area of comebacks. As United have only won 1 of 10 Premiership games in which they trailed at Half Time in Old Trafford.
And this record has been a fact since Sir Alex Ferguson left, they never cameback from a Halftime trailing. We may as well quickly drop here that Mourinho has collected 54 points in the first 29 PL games as Man United manager, two fewer than Louis Van Gall.
It’s also thrilling that of the top 6 teams, where ManUnited are 5th, the teams all have a single digit number in terms of games drawn. Chelsea has drawn the least while Liverpool and Tottenham tie on 8 draws. On the complete table the closest to United is Middlesbrough with 11 draws, they stand in the 19th position.
A quick compare with another randomly picked manager by JN12
Mourinho, of the 7 teams managed thus far (Benfica, Uniao de Leiria, Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, and Manchester United), has managed 812 matches, won 532, drew 167 and loss 113. Taking his percentage wins to 65.5%.
Pep Guardiola, of the 4 teams managed (Barcelona B, Barcelona, Bayern and Man city), has managed 492 games, won 352, drew 87, loss 53. 71.5%% win.
What the draws actually means for Manchester United
With all these draws and unbeaten run, what does these foretell for Manchester United. We may as well go into the records and dig out Mourinho’s longest unbeaten home league record www.jerseynumbertwelve.com gathers: Between 23 February 2002 and 2 April 2011, Mourinho went 150 home league matches unbeaten. Before it was broken on the 2nd of April, 2011, Mourinho held the run spanning across 4 clubs. But of that period he won a lot of trophies too and these were the stats: He had 25 draws out of the 150 games(, that’s 17% draws). Hypothetically, Mourinho has had great results when he had the numbers of match draws not exceeding 20 per cents of his unbeaten figures.
So a JN12 quick calculation of the present stakes, 20 games unbeaten and 12 draws that’s a woeful 60 per cent. The chances are slim, the odds that he will make top 4 or win any trophy more at this stage is relatively unfavourable. He needs to cut down on the draws by 72 per cent!