Why our data get exhausted faster – MTN

MTN Nigeria has revealed how an upgrade in its system is causing mobile data of its internet subscribers to get exhausted fast.

In July 2019, MTN Nigeria had 52.2 million internet subscribers but the number of its data users dropped to 51.6 million in August. That’s a loss of 664,245 Internet subscribers according to the Nigerian Communications Commission.

While the reason for quick exhaustion of data has left many users in the dark, MTN Nigeria responded in a tweet saying that an upgrade in its internet speed was the cause for the quick exhaustion of data.

“Y’ello @macheteros, sorry you feel this way about our data offer, the improved internet speed over 3G and 4G actually affects data depletion rate.”

The joy of an internet surfer is fast internet. However, a fast internet comes at a price according to MTN Nigeria. The faster your internet network is, the faster your data gets exhausted. This means you can’t have your cake and eat it.

Internet users are seeking a balance – fast internet with a low depletion rate. MTN Nigeria’s method is like informing a caller that the more you call, the more charges you get. That era of overcharging callers on voice calls has long gone, so, it’s time for MTN Nigeria to give its internet subscribers the satisfaction they desire or they will be seeking that from other networks.

It’s obvious that system is not working, rather it’s costing them their subscribers, with 664,245 lost within one month while rivals like Airtel and Visafone gained 350,134 and 83,482 subscribers respectively in same August.

This is not the first time MTN Nigeria will be losing internet subscribers. Back in June, the company lost 178,103 internet subscribers.