Youths arrested for trying to teach gay doctor lesson for harassment
    Some youths broke into the home of a medical doctor living in the Federal Housing Unit, Lemma Road, Calabar, Cross River, Monday morning to revenge what they describe as sexual harassment by the doctor.
    Two of them, Sam Williams, 26, and Archibong Ita, 25, who hail from Akwa  Ibom and Cross River states respectively, were arrested by the police after neighbours raised the alarm.
    According to Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Hafiz Inuwa, the armed youths were caught with machete and change-over switches. They tied the security guard when they entered the compound.
    “It was already dawn; so, people raised the alarm and the police intervened swiftly. One of them, identified as Jibril, escaped. We are still investigating the matter,” he said.
    But the suspects said they were not robbers.
    “This is the first time I got involved in this kind of thing. I know the medical doctor. He has sexually harassed me a couple of times. I have stopped practising homosexuality, but he kept harassing me. He had his way; so, I had to stay away from him because I knew what he stood for,” said William.
    Ita’s story was also about sexual harassment.
    “I had worked for this medical doctor for a while; we worked for him. He has been maltreating his boys. The last time we brought some boys to him, he maltreated them. He kept harassing them with sex.
    “He has done it to so many others. The same doctor has done the same thing to us. So, our move was to punish him for what he paid for.”
    Williams claimed he is a computer science graduate from the North America University in Benin Republic, and Ita saod he is studying at the University of Calabar.