Oby Ezekwsili demands more actions from Buhari


    A former Minister of Education and co-Convener of Bring Back Our Girls, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, has demanded more actions and less talks from President Muhammadu Buhari. The co leader of the BBOG observed that what a leader does in governance is usually more pronounced than what the leader says.

    Ezekwesili, in her twitter handle declared “Universally, when a Government becomes cynical and contemptuous of citizens, the telling signs are easy to read. Citizens can sure READ.”

    She challenged the President to commit the powers at his behest to fix Nigeria rather than keep talking on issues that cannot bring about development.

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    Ezekwesili maintained that: “You can’t “enjoy” the paraphernalia of power and dislike the “hard work”, the “grind” required to FIX things that are broken

    “Too many things within & around the FG remind us of the Chinese proverb: “What you are DOING is SO LOUD, I can’t hear what you are SAYING.”

    She added: “As soon as a Government begins to allow Hubris to determine its response to issues, even that is a KEY SIGNAL to citizens. Which way, FG?”