2023: APC responds to El-Rufai’s on north’s readiness to hand power to south

Following Kaduna Gov. Nasir el-Rufai’s latest position on power rotating to the south in 2023, the ruling APC, Lagos chapter, has responded by projecting a former governor of the state and party leader Bola Tinubu.

The party said Tinubu’s commitment, resourcefulness and pedigree make him a most qualified contender for Nigeria’s topmost job.

“Tinubu has all it takes to lead this country and he has all the fundamental rights as a Nigerian to aspire,” said party’s secretary Lanre Ogunyemi during a press briefing in Lagos to unveil new executives.

“It’s now left for Nigerians to accept or not. It’s now left for the party to decide who they want as the presidential candidate come 2023.”

Exploring the rumoured ambition of Tinubu’s , the party said it is immaterial whether he has briefed the members on his aspiration, whether people are against it or not.

“e are sure that he has everything to lead this nation.”

El-Rufai, who had a fanatical stand against power rotation suddenly made a volte-face on Monday, saying it is immoral for the north to clutch at power beyond 2023.